Study Circle is a regular activity of CAM-SUST which started on 19 Nov, 2012. Generally it’s arranged one or two times per month where we discuss various topics of astronomy to share what we’ve learnt and increase our knowledge. In a Study Circle, we discuss our studies, thoughts, understandings, questions and problems about a particular topic of astronomy, and therefore, knowledge is shared.

We try to answer the questions and solve the problems which are raised during the particular study circle. In order to arrange a study circle, first of all, a certain topic on astronomy is selected. The topic can be a recent topic, a historical topic, or a basic topic related to astronomy. Then, one or more than one person among us are selected as coordinators for that study circle. The coordinator/s usually start/s the discussion and make/s sure that the discussion doesn’t go out of the topic. But any member who is interested in the topic of a study circle is cordially welcomed to join and participate in the discussion.

Before the study circle, everyone studies different aspects of the fixed topic from various sources  in order to discuss. To ensure that every member of CAM-SUST knows about the study circle, we inform them via online platforms, for example, Facebook, Slack, E-Mail, etc. Due to the present pandemic situation , we arrange the circles on online platforms like Google Meet, Zoom etc.The main purpose of the study circle is to share, gather and spread knowledge on Astronomy, create interest among the students, children, publics, to the subjects of Astronomy and enlighten them about superstitious beliefs. In short, it represents the motto of our organization, “Pursuing the infinity’’.