Copernicus Astronomical Memorial of SUST (CAM-SUST) is always trying to contribute to society through unique ideas and works. As always, during this pandemic, CAM-SUST is trying to arrange talks on astronomy, research, and volunteering. The philosophy behind this series of talk is to gather and spread knowledge about astronomy and the life experience of those who work in this field. How do they think to solve problems using scientific methods? As some of our members dream to research in astronomy and astrophysics field so we also want to learn the research methodology, research ethics, and different aspects of research fields. another motive of arranging CAM-TALK is to hear from experts in research fields.
In Bangladesh, there is no single university that teaches astronomy or astrophysics but a lot of organizations tried to spread astronomy all over the country. As we are one of them, we know how many challenges they face. So we will try to share some of those stories through CAM-TALK

Applications of Machine Learning in Astronomy

CAM-Talk with Moonzarin Reza was a one of the series CAM-TALK before “SUST Astro Carnival 2023”. Moonzarin Reza is a Visiting Scholar, Fermilab and Graduate Teaching & Research Assistant, Texas A&M University, United States.

In this talk, Moonzarin Reza discusses about applications of Machine Learning Algorithm in Astronomical data analysis.

Living inside a Stellar Atmosphere - Past, Present and Future

CAM-Talk with Shah Mohammad Bahauddin was a one of the series CAM-TALK before “SUST Astro Carnival 2023”. Shah Mohammad Bahauddin is a researcher at Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics in University of Colorado Boulder.

In this talk, Shah Mohammad Bahauddin discusses about the outer region of the volume of a Star which lies above the stellar core, radiation zone and convection zone.

Ancient Star Clusters through James Webb Space Telescope

CAM-Talk with Dr. Lamiya Mowla was a one of the series CAM-TALK before “SUST Astro Carnival 2023”. Dr. Lamiya Mowla is a Dunlap Post-Doctoral Fellow. She is in several extragalactic teams analyzing the early data from the “James Webb Space Telescope”.

In this talk, Dr. Lamiya Mowla tried to unveil the remarkable world of Ancient Star Clusters, all through the remarkable lens of the James Webb Space Telescope.

The Process of Detecting Life on Remote Planets

The third CAM-Talk with Dr. Khan M. B. Asad was a part of the World Space Week celebration. Dr. Khan M. B. Asad is an Assistant Professor in the department of physical science at IUB and did his Ph.D. in Radio Astronomy at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Currently, he is working mainly in the field of Radio Astronomy and X-Ray in Astronomy.

In this talk, Dr. Khan M. B. Asad tried to discuss how people tried to define life from time to time, where and how life may be possible, which planets can be our focus of research to find life.

Research Ethics

A Discussion of Ethical Perspective of Research With Dr. Yeshim Iqbal. 

The 2nd talk will be on Research Ethics where our honorable guest speaker is Dr. Yeshim Iqbal. Dr. Yeshim Iqbal is a Psychologist. She completed her Ph.D. from New York University on Psychology and Social Intervention Program and B.A from Cornell University on Psychology. She is the director of Kaan Pete Roi-First emotional support and suicide prevention helpline in Bangladesh.

In this talk, we will try to discuss the core issues of research ethics like- Authorship, Plagiarism, Research Data Handling, Funding and Journal Subscription Fee, Role of a Researcher to Society, and Mental Health Awareness During Working as a Team

Enjoy The Discussion and contribute in the scientific community.


An unsolved Issue of Contemporary Particle Physics

This is the first CAM-TALK, with Jaseer Ahmed Sir. He is currently continuing his Ph.D. remotely from the University of Manitoba, Canada, due to joining Shahjalal University of Science and Technology as a lecturer. Besides his research career, he also participates in volunteering activities and supervises a couple of workshops in Canada. In this talk, he shared his struggle and his research activity with us as well as the volunteering experience. How volunteering point of view differs from country to country also came up in this talk.
Enjoy this talk if you are interested in research. You will find some guidelines that will help you with your research work. In this talk, we discussed the following topics-
a) Experience in abroad as a student
b) Proton Charge Radius Puzzle
c) Skill development tips
d) Role of a volunteering organization.

Those who are interested in further study on this topic you can join with us in google classroom. Jaseer Ahmed Sir gives us an opportunity to continue further study on this topic and continue the discussion with him in the google classroom. Feel free to join. 

Class Code: 7ft3bls