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Astronomical Memorial Of SUST

We love to astronomy.

Do you love astronomy?  

Then with us.

SUST Astro Carnival 2023 Organized by CAM-SUST

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Regular Activities

Study Circle

Share knowledge, Increase knowledge
Everyone you will ever meet knows something you do not. That's why we arrange several study circles per month where we meet each other and discuss certain topics related to astronomy.


Spread what you know
If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it. Spreading knowledge in different places will gather new experiences. We organize school programs in different schools throughout the country since we are trying to spread the curiosity to look at the night sky.

World Space week

Exploring the universe
From 4 th to 10 th October we celebrate "World Space Week (WSW)" with the whole world through many events. Documentary shows, Seminars and film shows on astronomy are arranged to celebrate this week.


Learning in a festive way
We organize an Astro carnival once a year for all the high school and college students of Sylhet. Their participation in the carnival makes our work worthwhile. Their curious eyes tell the rest.

Star gazing

Catch a glimpse of the stars
We can’t look up into the Universe without wondering what’s out there. Looking at stars, planets, galaxies, and nebulae and realize that we’re just one tiny part of that. Sometimes, we CAM people, gaze into the night sky with a telescope but regularly we do naked eye star gazing.


We are also the learner.
We also organize seminars on various interesting topics and approach the best scholars who will inspire us and enlighten us with their knowledge.


Dear Astro-lovers,

We, CAM-SUST have been looking for more ideas to enrich our knowledge of astronomy. We assume this to be helpful if you write about any content from The List or any related one to astronomy that you like. This way we can learn more from each other and build a better understanding of astronomy.

So, acknowledging your thirst for ‘Astronomy’,  we CAM-SUST assume that you will love to share your knowledge with us, young astronomy knowledge seekers, and apprentice more knowledge by exchanging more information among ourselves. We will appreciate any writings relevant to astronomy.

Study Circle
Star Gazing
World Space Week
People Talking about us

"I am glad to see the students of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology being involved in activities to promote and create interest in science. The Copernicus Astronomical Memorial of SUST is an organization which has been active for several years, to involve the youths of the Sylhet region in creative and scientific activities.

I wish CAM-SUST all the best and hope that they will keep up their good work in the future."

Dr. Yasmeen Haque