Cosmania is the brand new program launched by CAM-SUST. It is a complete package of knowledge and enjoyment. The word Cosmania means ‘Powerful Symbolism’. And we use this program as a symbol of astronomy spreading event through Astro-presentation, Q & A, problem-solving, paper plane competition, and the most interesting water rocket exhibition with an explanation.

The philosophy behind Astro-presentation is to introduce up to date astronomy concepts to school-college level students. Our focus will be on understandable astronomy topics for junior-level like Planets, Exoplanets, Solar system, Galaxy, astronomy observation technique, and lot more interesting topics. Q & A is the extended part of this segment where students can ask their own questions or share their imaginative universe with us. 

There will be a problem-solving session on the presentation topic. We design this segment in such a way that students can interact with each other. Mainly in our education system, it is rare to see senior-junior interaction in the school-college level or we can say there is no merit exchange among senior-junior. So we set problems for this session where students will solve those problems in a group of three students from three different classes (mainly secondary and higher secondary). The problem will make them think as they have never done before

There will be some interesting game competitions like Paper Plane Competition and Water Rocket exhibition to inspire students in aerodynamics. How a Plane glide, the beauty of Pascal’s law and its application to make water rocket.