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    Nicolaus Copernicus (19 February 1473 – 24 May 1543) was a Renaissance astronomer and the first person to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology which displaced the Earth from the center of the universe. His work stimulated further scientific inquiry and is considered to be a land mark in the history of science and the starting point of modern astronomy. Copernicus could not prove his theories, but he was able to show that the movement of all heavenly bodies could be explained much more easily as the visual effect of movement of the Earth.

    Copernicus was born on 19 February 1473, governed by the Crown Kingdom of Poland, in a family of well to do merchants. He put down his ideas in a book called On the Revolution of the Heavenly Sphere published in 1543.

    Copernicus is credited to have been the first to propose a heliocentric model with definitive mathematical reasoning. His predecessors in this theory, most prominently Aristurchus, provided nowhere as fine argument for this model as did Copernicus; their work was primarily speculative in nature. Although Galileo is most popularly regarded as the one establishing the “Earth moves around the Sun” truth, Copernicus had certainly been the one to uncover this truth using scientific methods.

    The work of Copernicus must have been of great help to other scientists like Galileo and Kepler, who in early seventeenth century developed the scientific knowledge that could prove the theories of Copernicus.
    Nicolaus Copernicus's knowledge was to set the scene for major advances in science. Copernicus also marked the beginning of a scientific revolution and astronomy.
    In spite of the great and remarkable contributions in modern time, Copernicus does not seem to be reputed to his true value. So our society is little tribute to this great scholar without who the astronomy as we know might never been  existed.


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